SIMPOL -  Financial Systems SIMulation and POLicy Modelling -


Our goal is to advance policy modelling for a more sustainable financial system by means of innovative network models and participatory ICT tools. 


In SIMPOL, network science, big data and ICT’s meet economics and financial regulation . Our vision is that only a truly interdisciplinary approach will lead to the fundamental advances in modelling financial and climate policies that our society needs today. On the one hand, we will develop new methods to assess the systemic importance of market players in complex (climate) financial networks and investigate which regulations could help to ignite a transition towards a greener economy and a more sustainable financial system. On the other hand, we will leverage on open data initiatives and the semantic web to empower citizens with a more active role in relation to EU policies. In particular, we will crowd-source the task to map the networks of influence involved in the policy making process.

Latest map on the progress of the Crowdsourcing Platform for the 2030 Green Paper Consultation.

Work programme topic addressed: ICT 2013.5.4 ICT for Governance and Policy Modelling, Grant agreement no: 610704

Coordinator: Prof. Stefano Battiston, Dept. of Banking and Finance, Univ. of Zurich

diagram SIMPOL workflow